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I.Trans - High-quality and reliable delivery of your goods in due time

Combination of freight forwarding services with modern technologies
I.Trans will transport your cargo safely, efficiently and smoothly. Our transport company is your best partner in freight transportation, which provides you with a combination of high quality and low costs. The main task for our Company in the cargo delivery process is provision of forwarding and logistics services. Expertise, flexibility and responsibility are just some of the strengths that we use to inspire our clients every day.

People. Ideas. Succsess.
Our Company offers a suitable optimized transportation of goods in semi-trailers, which are not heavy, but at the same time they are very spacious. We provide forwarding services (long-distance and local cargo transportation) for cargos 24 - 40 tons. I.Trans Company is characterized by optimal use of vehicles in combination with modern technologies, which are the fastest and most efficient transport solution. Thus, we guarantee short delivery terms of up to 24 hours. Your advantage is our "smart logistics", which provides the many benefits and advantages of forwarding throughout Europe.

We know how important it is to always know the current location of delivery. When the cargo is not delivered on time or lost, many clients feel distrust for the transport company. Thanks to our innovative information technology and communications from our side, the client receives guarantees of timely cargo delivery (taking into account force majeure circumstances). This is why clients trust us and are interested in long-term cooperation.

Experience. Care. Safety.
Our regularly inspected and technically equipped trucks inform us about their current location in Germany and abroad. This allows us to identify the exact location at any time and most effectively react to a variety of situations. Our trucks are driven by experienced, certified and well-trained employees. Safety of your cargo is in good hands.


A few words about us

Our specialization is the organization and implementation of warehouse and transport services on B2B markets. We steadily adhere to the obligations and agreements with our clients. We efficiently and timely complete the tasks set by our clients and provide advice in freight forwarding services.

Our experts are happy to answer any your questions regarding your orders, cargo delivery and logistics management. Our most important standards are efficiency, acceptability, flexibility, high quality and timely provision of transportation services.

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